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Unblock your ability to think and act more creatively

  • Do you experience anxiety about possible evaluation of your results?
  • Do you self-censor your work before others can criticize it?
  • Would you like to break loose from the mainstream ways of thinking in your field?
  • Do you struggle to come up with truly original work?

Many junior researchers block themselves in their efforts to make a difference in their field. The problem isn’t the lack of expert knowledge but the lack of creative confidence.

This course teaches crucial creativity skills and attitudes that you didn’t learn during your education as a scientist or researcher.

Discovering new technology through research and experimentation can be a psychological challenge. Especially when there are too many unknowns or the general direction is still unclear, it can be difficult to create momentum.

Creative confidence is the ability to persue new ideas with confidence and translate them rapidly into concrete action.

The tools, methods and attitudes that are trained in this course are modeled from creatieve professionals like designers, animators and architects. They depend on their ability to come up with novel results on a daily basis and do so in a structural manner.

After this course, creative thinking is no mystery anymore but a strategy.

You will learn how to nurture your creative mind and will be rewarded with rich and surprising insights.

What you learn in this course:

  • What a creative block is and how you can tackle it
  • How to get deliberately into ‘creativity mode’ when you need it
  • What you can do to make your idea’s more diverse and original
  • How you can protect your idea's from harsh criticism
  • The structure behind a creative work routine and how to use it to speed up your work
  • Having fun while being wrong
  • How to apply creative skills during the research process.

Duration: two days

Language: English, (German or Dutch if the group composition allows for it)

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Gratis stappenplan brainstorms begeleiden